To-do Lists Features

To-do Lists application provides you with simple but powerful interface for tasks and checklists management.
Unlike other to do management applications with complicated single-window interface we love simplicity. Within our app you have unlimited amount of stickies-like lists with checkboxes and text. That’s it.


Each to-do list can be customized in a number of ways. Easily choose background color, tasks text color and font. You can even put the picture on the background in case you need it. Just right click on list’s title or choose corresponding item from the main menu to see all of the customization options. And of course lists are resizable and movable around the screen.

See only tasks you need now

While you can have multiple lists sometimes you don’t need to see them altogether. So you can close unneeded lists without loosing data in them. Or just double-click on list’s title to minimise it to small strip so that only the title will show. If you need to focus on specific list make it floating - so it will be always on top of other windows.

Quickly add and view tasks

There are numerous ways to quickly activate To-do Lists application and start typing tasks: do it via the global shortcut, menu bar application’s icon, integration via System Services or right-clicking on application’s Dock icon. The same global shortcut can be used to quickly take a look on your lists.

Intuitive behaviour

We made To-do Lists application as intuitive as possible. Pressing the up and down arrows will go between tasks in your lists, typing text will create a new task, pressing Esc key will hide application and so on. Checked tasks will be greyed out and moved to the bottom, urgent ones - moved to the top and marked with red.

No clouds and accounts unless you want it

Unlike other modern applications To-do Lists doesn’t bind you to any Cloud or account - just download it, run and use.

System integration

Application is integrated to the system for your convenience: right-click on text in any application and choose Services->Make new To-do to create a new task from selection. Also you can drag text and files to lists to create new to-dos, create e-mails from lists via right-click menu, print lists, drag to-do items between lists.


  • Just go buy it!

    I realy really really like this app and the companion iOS app... best $8 I've ever spent! Just purchased today and am still getting to know the functionality but so far it's simply a no brainer.

  • Just What I needed

    I use these lists all the time to keep my priorities straight for work and I absolutely love them. The one feature I would love to see in the future, is cloud syncing for use across multiple machines. Its a pretty manual process generating and managing my list on different machines whether I'm on the go, at the Home office, or in the office.

  • Amazing App

    This app is outstanding they nailed it when designing it for mac and ipad i wish there was a way to make it sync with pc as well for people who must use pc in work place but other than that it is perffect i mean it could always use some updates and minor tweaks but i wouldnt change a thing just improve it


You can purchase To-do Lists application in the Mac App Store or via Fastspring Antlogic store just for $4.99. Also you can download a free trial version to try it out before buying. iOS application is also available just for $1.99

Requires Mac OS X 10.6+


Have questions regarding To-do Lists usage? Or got some issues? Feel free to contact us!